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Carolina Memoria is from Brazil. She is Holistic Therapist, Dance teacher, Hatha Yoga instructor, Professional Dancer (Belly Dancer, Samba, Hawaiian Performer & Teacher) for over 20 years.


Carolina started dancing classical ballet at the age of seven and has never stopped studying several dances. When she was a kid, her dream was to be an actress, so she says: "I realize my dream in different ways, performing and connecting with people!".


In 2012 she created Belly Yoga Dance, therapeutic classes fusion of Belly Dance with Gentle Hatha Yoga. At the same time, Carolina started organizing Yoga retreats.

Her Hatha Yoga classes are focused on gentle yoga to heal your body, your emotions and your mind.

She started performing Belly Dance and Gypsy Dance in 2001. While Carolina lived in Brazil, she organized biannual artistic events, where she created choreographies for her students and all had the opportunity to experience dancing on stage.


In 2017 Carolina moved to the U.S and also started performing Samba and Hawaian Dance. She participated in several dance groups such as Minas Egito (Brazil), Carlos Afro & Cia (Brazil), Grupo Saara (Brazil), Dance Brasil (Atlanta/U.S), Samba Syndicate (Saint Petersburg/U.S) & Paradise Dance Shows (Tampa Bay Area)


Carolina has a degree in Philosophy, a postgraduate degree in Clinical Philosophy. As a holistic therapist, Carolina is also certified in Reiki, Shiatsu, Neuro Dimensional Reprogramming (Hypnosis) and Sound Healing (Tibetan Singing Bowls). She was also initiated into shamanism by the shamans of Siberia.

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