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It naturally was created by Carolina Memória as a way to combine gentle yoga, sacred dancing with meaning, sound healing, mantras, breathing technique, stretching, relaxation and working your chakra energies.


Yoga brings you calm, healthy, peace and balance. Yoga also prepares you to dance and be connected to the moment.

Belly Dance is a sacred dance that empowers you to have more self-esteem, self knowledge, joy and acceptance of your unique person.

Sound healing is a type of meditation which bring balance, meditation state & helps anyone going through mental and physical challenges.

What a great time to do something unique and for yourself. Take a BellyYogaDance workshop with me and let's experience this sacred millennial practice together. 


The class always starts with yoga,setting an  intention, breathing technique, and stretching with meaning focusing on the chosen chakras to work on in the workshop..  Then the class transforms into the energy of chakras through learning belly dance techniques and meeting your inner Goddess.  Blissfully relax as the class enters into meditation realizing the intention you set for yourself; after that, Tibetan singing bowls belt and wind chime to relax and help all students' healing needs. 


This class is indicated to women (or any man who wants to work on female energy) of any age above 15 years old.

You can be a beginner in Yoga and Belly Dance or advanced, because the goal is to connect with your inner self and your sacred feminine energy.


In this class you will need a yoga matt, gym clothes and a hip scarf to use in belly dancing practice. 

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